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Weekend Foodie in Boston

“Food Is Our Common Ground, A Universal Experience”- James Beard 

During the Boston Marathon this year (2017), while my brother trained for the marathon– we (my family & I) went in search for food. If you are in Boston for the Weekend here are some suggestions!! — AND— Don’t forget to try the original BOSTON PIE !!!!

The Paramount Restaurant- Breakfast/Brunch Plate

The Paramount Restaurant 

This is a small, cute Cafe Style brunch place. They have a seating system that really does work for them but I had never seen before.  You wait in line to order and by the time your order there will be a table available (it seems almost impossible when you are in line— but IT WORKS) ——— This is a good Breakfast or Brunch place located at Beacon Hill. The restaurant has been open since 1937!!!


Prosciutto Pizza

Restaurant MAST’ Drinkery 

Mast’ means “Maestro” or “Master of one’s Craft”– well their food is great and they have a style of doing things a little different than other Italian restaurants. Mast’ was identified as the best-kept secret in Boston and has been feature in several news channels and magazines! You can do lunch or dinner!




Omni Hotels & Resorts BOSTON 

The Omni Hotel & Parker Restaurant is home to the famous Boston Pie. The best Boston Pie I tried was from the Parker restaurant & they even have them to go! A must Try while visiting BOSTON!

Boston Cream Pie

 Ruka Restobar

Ruka is an exploration of Peruvian-Japanese culture that embraces the exquisite presentations and bold flavors of Nikkei cuisine. This picture has the Grilled Long Bone Short Rib which was very good! The sea food platters are also great. This restaurant has the plates similar to TAPAS style.

Rukas Short Rib Platter

Indulge with Caution!


44 Charles St.
Boston, MA 02114

45 Province St.
Boston, MA 02108

60 School Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02108

505 Washington Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02111




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