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Chicago My Kind of Town

I have lived in Chicago for over 20 years and its an amazing city that has great culture, restaurants and activities to do, specially during the summer time!

If you are in Chicago during the summer, its the best time to explore the city and it’s  77 neighborhoods that can expose you to all types of cultures from the Mexican neighborhood known as the Mexico of the Midwest to Chinatown and all the way to the Middle Eastern neighborhood on Devon!


The best part about Chicago, it has a great transportation system(CTA) that can get you mostly anywhere in the city of Chicago, but if you are doing the touristy sight seeing, the Chicago Double Decker Tour Bus  is the best way to go!  The bud will take you through a numerous of neighborhoods where you can hop on and off! Here is the link where you can buy your tickets; Hop On Hop Off Bus Tickets.

If you prefer to experience the Chicago “L” experience, the best way is to download the Ventra Card App, buy a Ventra Card (The cost is $5.00 + the funds for each trip)— Here is the link to learn everything about the VENTRA CARD —- Also you can get a daily pass, 3 day pass or even a week pass… Here is all the information on Chicago Transit Passes!

Chicago Transit Map
Chicago Transit “L” Lines

Exploring Downtown 

If you are about sightseeing in Chicago you would start off with the downtown area of Chicago, that if you ask me– CHICAGO ITS THE BEST DOWNTOWN from any major city in the United States but I could be bias as I love the city I call home!


  • Sundown Tour on a Segway around downtown
  • Picnic Millenium Park — If time permits, have a picnic at Millenium Park & listen to a free concert!
    • during the summer the city of Chicago has free concerts at Millenium Park ranging from Jazz to Mariachis (Tip: Get there Early, take a blanket, enough food & booze — yes it’s allowed– it’s BYOB & BYOF!!)                                                    

      Bean Chicago
      The Bean
  • WalkMaggie Daley Park (specially if you have children– there is a picnic area— and play areas for all ages)
  • Walk Grant Park – The host to festivals like Lollapalooza, Blues Fest and Taste of Chicago
  • Visit NAVY PIER — you can spend a whole day there doing a variety of activities (remember they all cost money)
    •  Do lunch at the Odessy
    • Take a architectural tour on a boat
    • take a trip for fun on Lake Michigan
    • If you are over 21– Drink a Cold Beer on the pier

Additional LOOP Attractions: 

  • Adler Planetarium
  • The Aquarium
  •  Art Institute of Chicago
  •  Chicago Cultural Center
  • Chicago theatre
  • Civic Opera House
  • Daily Plaza
  • The Field Museum
  • Harold Washington Library
  • Willis Tower


  • If you want a picture of the entire Skyline, the best areas are from the Aquarium on the South Side part of the city  or
  • Any of the the rooftops in Chicago
  • The “L” is always a good way to experience Chicago
  • Check out the libraries as they have free passes to the museums

More On Chicago to come!!!


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