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CAPE TOWN… You Stole My Heart

“May Your Choices Reflect your Hopes, Not Your Fears”- Nelson Mandela 

Last year  at the end of September –early October, I took a trip that I had anticipated for almost a whole year— Traveling to a continent like Africa is not something you do every day…..And definitely traveling with someone you met 12 months before on a flight to Atlanta is NOT something you do every day—

Well I can say I followed Mandela’s words — I allowed my choices to reflect the hopes & excitement of traveling to a whole new continent with a random person that I had met few months before the trip on a plane (yes yes it sounds crazy, but its true and  life is about adventures and taking chances)….

I took the chance to travel with someone I barely knew and now I could say it was the best decision I made in a long time and ONE—IF NOT — THE BEST TRIP I HAVE DONE in a long time!!!  

“If you risk Nothing, then you risk everything” – Geena Davis

On my trip to South Africa I visited-Cape Town – a coastal city in South Africa — the second most populated urban area after Johannesburg — AND the legislative capital of the country. I was beyond impress with the beauty of this city and the surrounding areas. It Stole my Heart.  

—Here are some of the sites I visited while in Cape Town—-

 1) Table Mountain 

A flat- topped mountain forming a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town. If you plan on visiting, buy tickets ahead of time– you can take the cableway or hike to the top of the mountain (approximately 2 hours to hike it up) but as you can see worth the for the amazing views!

Table Mountain or as I called it, the top of the world! Amazing Views….

2) Boulders Penguin Colony 

located in Simons Towns is home to a unique and endangered land-based colony of African Penguins. This colony is one of only a few in the world!

Penguin Colony, CapeTown South Africa

3) Simon’s Town 

Simon’s Town is a town near Cape Town and its home to the South African Navy. Boulders Beach (Penguin Colony) is located a few miles to the south of Simon’s Town. On our trip to Boulders Penguin Colony we stopped here to eat at Harbourview Restaurant and looked around the shops!

Simon’s Town

4) Cape Of Good Hope 

Cape of Good Hope is also located few miles away from the Penguin Colony & Simon’s Town— and — its consider to be part of the Table Mountain National Park. It has a great peaceful & Breathtaking views of the cliffs and the entire national park!

cape of good hope
Cape of Good Hope

 5) Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Now, I have to say this is a botanical garden with amazing breath taking views, peaceful green plants and an enchanted forest. I wished I would of had more time here!

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden with Table Mountain in the Background

When In CAPE TOWN– Take A Day to Travel to STELLENBOSCH located about 30 miles from Cape Town and home to a university and vineyards! STELLENBOSCH is also the oldest European settlement in the providence after Cape Town…


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